Rules - Ballet Scholarship

General Conditions

By entering into this event you agree to be abide by the The Ultimate Dance Challenge - TUDC Rules & Regulations and agree to be bound by them.


To be considered for the scholarship, applicants must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Age is as per the dancers year of birth

  2. Demonstrate proficiency and above average interest in dance.

  3. Agree to attend the dance instruction given at the Open Class and be present at the performance.

  4. Submit proof of ID upon request

Participants of the Event: The Scholarships are open to classical ballet students aged 8 and over who are studying a recognised syllabus.

Section A

8 yrs - 12 yrs
Open Class

Section B

8 yrs - 12 yrs
Final Performance

Section C

13 yrs up
Open Class

Section D

13 yrs up
Final Performance

Important Information

  • The Scholarship will consist of an Open Class where entrants will be selected for the Finals.

  • Finalists will then dance their solo performance.

  • Open Class is held at Star of the Sea Theatre Manly and is taught by professional teachers.

  • Finals are held on in October.

Please Note: No late entries will be accepted under any circumstances.

Rules & Regulations

  1. All scholarship participants perform completely at their own risk.

  2. TUDC are not liable for any loss or damage suffered by a participant as a result of any scholarship event being cancelled, postponed or changed.

  3. The scholarships are only for students of amateur status. Students cannot derive any regular income from the art form.

  4. Participants must appear in the order of which their name appears in the class/program.

  5. Any person/s whose conduct is off putting to other participants or the Committee will be asked to leave. If they are a participant they could face disqualification.

  6. A breach of any rules or conditions may result in either disqualification of the participant or, at the Committee’s discretion, the student might be asked to dance as a non competing performer.

  7. The Committee will not be responsible for any lost property, including uncollected cds.

  8. It is incumbent on the teachers/parents to ensure they enter students into the correct section. Any entries that are incomplete, incorrect or not accompanied by full payment of the required & accurate fee will not be processed.

  9. Full-time students are eligible to enter providing they enter under the name of their full-time school and the entry form is signed by the principal.


  1. All finalists are selected from the “Open Class”.

  2. Pointe work is optional for female finalists.

  3. Short classical tutus must be worn for all girls in Sections B & D – (Final Performance)

  4. Finalists arriving late will be allowed to dance at the end of the section as a non competing performer.

  5. If a finalist leaves the stage before the end of a solo, other than by fault of the committee, they will be allowed to dance at the end of the section as a non competing performer.

  6. Only finalists and/or Committee members are allowed backstage at any time.

  7. No rehearsals allowed at any time backstage. Students will be supervised by the Committee whilst warming up on stage for each section.

Open Class Attire – Sections A & C

  1. Female – plain coloured leotard (no skirts), tights & ballet shoes (no accessories).

  2. Male – tights, a tight fitting top/leotard with socks and ballet

Finalist Prerformance Attire – Sections B & D

  1. Female – performance tutu

  2. Male – performance costume

Age Restrictions

  1. Age is at first day of competition.

  2. Competitors may only enter in their own age group.

  3. The Committee reserves the right to ask for a Birth Certificate of any participant in any section.

Music Requirements

  1. Juniors - No solo may exceed 2 1/2 minutes in length.

  2. Seniors - No solo may exceed 3 minutes in length.

  3. All items will be timed from the commencement of the performance or music (whichever comes first). Commencement of performance is the commencement of the first step (other than a straight forward walk and placement to starting position).