The Ultimate Solo Dancer/Face of TUDC

Welcome to the “Ultimate Soloist/Face of TUDC!”

We are so excited to be offering a different type of Solo Dance Competition to TUDC!

The Ultimate Soloist Challenge is a competition held only for soloists, of all levels, all dance styles & all ages. Every soloist in all TUDC regional events, ages six or older, is eligible for the Ultimate Soloist Challenge, to become the Face of TUDC for 2020

The first place winner in each age division will receive prizes including workshops, a professional dance photo shoot, and $250 cash!

The winners photos will be used for TUDC promotions for 2020.

2019 Winners of Face of TUDC

Far left- Hannah Crinnion

Centre- Isabella Chao

Right- Zoe Jameson

Age Restrictions


  • 10 years & under- Junior Division

  • 12 years & under- Junior Division

  • 14 years & under- Senior Division

  • 15 years & over- Senior Division

Finalists will be selected from each age group to compete for the title of “Ultimate Soloist/Face of TUDC” at TUDC finals In October.

Finalists are selected from their performance for strong technique, performance quality & their headshot is considered for photogenic suitability.

How to Enter

  1. Register online and perform at any TUDC regional event throughout this year for the Ultimate Soloist

  2. Prepare a 3 minute routine of any style to perform at the Ultimate Soloist Challenge

  3. Submit a head shot to our email address at the time of entry


The Ultimate Soloist Challenge is a separate event with an additional entry fee. All entrants must have qualified – performed at a Regional Competition at TUDC.

Any soloist wishing to compete for the Ultimate Soloist competition must pre-register for their respective Regional Competition. There is a fee of $40.00 to register for THE ULTIMATE SOLOIST DANCER.

All entries must include the correct names and ages of all entrants.

Be certain that you are entering CORRECT information when inputting your registration data. This WILL NOT be able to be changed after the schedule is completed.

After payment is made, you will receive a summary via email of all routine registered. It is imperative that you review this information including birth date and age division, and reply IMMEDIATELY with any corrections. NO CHANGES WILL BE PERMITTED LESS THAN 10 DAYS PRIOR TO THE COMPETITION OR AT THE COMPETITION.

TUDC reserves the right to add additional competition days/times, if deemed necessary, and also reserves the right to move the competition location if it becomes necessary due to circumstances beyond its control.

Music Device or CD’S – There must be only ONE routine per CD or device. A back up of all music must be accessible in the event that it is needed.

Time Schedule A time schedule will be e-mailed (provided that an email address was clearly provided on your entry form) no later than seven (7) days before the competition date to all entrants.

Each dancer may compete only ONE solo in this event

Performers MUST be checked in with the Backstage Manager 1 HOUR prior to their scheduled performance time. Failure to do so may result in your routine being disqualified.

Let us know you’re interested. We’d love to have you join us for our Ultimate Soloist Challenge.