From the moment you arrive, everyone who takes part in The Ultimate Dance Challenge – TUDC, from the studio directors, dance teachers and dance students, to the parents and grandparents, will recognise that The Ultimate Dance Challenge is a unique competition experience.

TUDC staff endeavour to communicate and speak personally with each and every Studio Director and as many parents and performers as possible at every competition. These efforts have enabled The Ultimate Dance Challenge to acquire the ‘TUDC Family’ feeling that so many of our customers are familiar with and return each year to experience.

While competing, performers will find that the positive experience extends beyond our director & admin team. Our stage managers are friendly, professional and ready and able to assist with the timing of performances and the management of the backstage area. The stage managers are also an integral part of why TUDC are known to run on time. We value your time and make diligent efforts to provide you with the most accurate schedule possible.

Upon taking the stage to perform, TUDC competitors face a judging panel consisting of individuals who possess extensive professional performance experience as well as experience working with children of all ages. TUDC utilizes an adjudicated scoring system, consisting of four main elements- technique, presentation, musicality & performance. Performers receive a score, along with written critiques. We strongly believe that positive-reinforcement is an invaluable educational tool, essential to the goal of building a child’s self-esteem. Our judges strive to employ that philosophy in each of their evaluations.

To those of you who are already a part of the TUDC Family, we look forward to seeing you again soon. We can’t wait to see how much you’ve accomplished since we last met. For those who are seeking a positive competition experience with a personal touch, we can’t wait to meet you!

Photography Terry Cullinane. Dancers Zoe Jameson, Hannah Crinnion & Isabella Chao

Photography Terry Cullinane. Dancers Zoe Jameson, Hannah Crinnion & Isabella Chao