Rules – Educational Showcase

Event Overview

Please read them carefully.

Important information

  • The stage has tarket flooring so please no rosin to be used

  • No rehearsing in the auditorium

  • If you are performing once in each event please request that your students arrived dressed and ready to go

  • Change room space is limited so please be as organised as you can prior to arrival

  • Notify parents that no video recording of photography is permitted


  • TUDC prefer music to be supplied on a device (eg. iPod, iPad). Alternatively music can be supplied on a CD.

  • Only 1 track per playlist or CD

  • No tags in music permitted


Reports Collection

  • All reports can be collected at the front desk at the conclusion of each section

  • Please do not request your reports earlier

Placing Presenting

  • Please allocate 2 student representatives to come forward for the placings – this will be held in front of the trophy display at the conclusion of each event


  • Please remind parents to allow plenty of time to park.

  • Stressed Parent + Stressed Child = Stressed Teacher... we don’t want that

  • Allow at least 1 hour arrival time prior to each event

Rules & Conditions

Entry is conditional upon acceptance of the competition rules of TUDC.


Sections are open to amateurs only. Items may only be repeated in the Final. Entrants may perform more than 1 routine in each event.


The age of all contestants as of January 1st of the competition year must be average together. If there is a decimal, round down and drop the decimal. If you have a group with competitors 12 months older than the required age group, you must limit those competitors to 3 each group. Teachers please abide by this rule to avoid other teachers complaining on troupe day and making it an awkward and embarrassing situation.


Only Teachers need to check in to pick up Teacher ID. Students should not check in, but be prepared to meet teacher at a prearranged spot.


You must be prepared to perform 1 hour before your time. Costume change issues of 3 or less numbers will be accommodated. TUDC will move up or back routines to keep the competition running on time. Routines are expected to perform in the order they are scheduled. In case of insufficient entries in any event they may be combined with similar events.


Tarkett Flooring is supplied at all TUDC Events. ROSIN IS NOT TO BE USED in any part of the venue, dressing room or stage area.


Please take care to select costumes, music, routine for general audience appeal. Inappropriate choreography or costumes too revealing may have deductions per discretion of the judges. Our audience is made up of parents and impressionable young students.


  • BALLET execute ballet technique. Majority of entrants in ballet shoes.

  • CONTEMPORARY such as Graham,Tharp. Dance can demonstrate balance, isolation, extension, based on space, force, weight and time, can be characterized to reflect the choreographers vision.

  • JAZZ dancers execute free form movement, and may wear jazz shoes, character shoes, half soles bare feet, executing controlled moves that involve balance and flexibility.

  • HIP HOP routine consisting primarily of Hip Hop Technique – Inappropriate lyrics should be cut out or voiced over along with inappropriate gestures.

  • LYRICAL interpretation of lyrics using a combination of ballet or jazz, showing legwork, balance, body emotion.

  • MUSICAL THEATRE dance interpreting a song from a Movie, Musical or Broadway Show. Musical Theatre and Musical Comedy may have backing tracks, however, pre recorded tracks must be recorded from students performing.

  • TAP executing tap technique in tap shoes. No Tap sounds on music. Tap music accompaniment can include vocals. Recorded tap routines are not allowed.

  • SONG AND DANCE demonstrates dance style and vocal ability.


Groups 5 minutes. Routines exceeding maximum allowed length will receive a “written report only” and will not be eligible for a placing and/or score. All entrants and exits from the dance floor must not exceed 10 seconds. Note: Entrances/exits are not judged.


Music must be good quality, pre-recorded at appropriate volume level & pitch, completely edited, with a maximum 3 second lead in. Each Song must be on it’s own playlist or individual quality CD, Please don’t use Re-Writeable CD’s, these are meant for computers and are sometimes not recognised in sensitive audio equipment. Please bring a back up of all music on CD and/or ipod as if your CD fails to read, this will be the only way to get your song played. Dance Studios are reminded that it is their responsibility to obtain licensing from AMOCOS for the broadcast of copyright music material.


Please ensure that your entry is in by closing date, at least 30 days ahead of time. We need this time to order & receive all awards in time. Please note that events fill up well before the 30 day deadline, some fill up 3 months prior. If there is room after closing date you will be charged a $15.00 per routine late fee. TUDC will close this event when sections are full or the event is full.


There will be 2 adjudicators at all TUDC group events. Adjudicators Reports are available only to Teachers. Reports will be available for collection from the Check In desk. All protest must be lodged in writing within 15 minutes of the completion of the event. Each protest must be accompanied by a fee of $30.00, which will be forfeited if the protest is dismissed.


Props are allowed, but must be moved on and off the stage by performers. Must be built off stage, carried, not dragged onto the stage. If the floor is littered during a routine from costumes or props, dancers must be prepared to clear the floor immediately after the routine is finished. Damage to the floor by props is the sole responsibility to the school.


NO COACHING from anywhere by anyone during the performance.  This will be enforced and points will be deducted.


All dancers and teachers are expected to display good sportsmanship. Failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification.


TUDC reserves the right to cancel any competition due to number of entries, or any other circumstance deemed necessary. No refund of money is allowed if the entrant is unable to attend the event on the nominated day.


TUDC reserves the right to add additional competition days or move the competition location due to unforeseen circumstances. Any change in competition days and/or times is at the sole discretion of TUDC and will be determined by the amount of time available at each competition.


Participating in the sport of dance competitions can be rigorous and result in injury. Upon entering the competition, parents/students hold harmless TUDC for injury, damage or loss. The safety of competition dancers is paramount at all TUDC events.  A backstage manager and first aid kit will be provided. TUDC stresses the importance of safety and executing only those skills, techniques and practices that will not cause undue harm or injury to performers, spectators, or the stage.  Do not use or throw props on or off stage that may cause damage or leave a residue, such as glitter. No liability will be accepted for any injury sustained whilst carrying out that performance.


Photographs/recordings of participants by any of the TUDC staff, contractors, or members of the press become the property of TUDC and may be used for future publicity.  All entrants perform at their or risk.  TUDC and its organizers are not responsible for any injuries incurred and your registration and participation means implied consent.  Third party photos are strictly prohibited, TUDC reserves the right to control and mandate all venue images, the sale of any photos for profit from a TUDC competition by any third parry vendor, studio or patron is strictly prohibited.