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What is the expected arrival time?

Please ask your studio director to find out when he or she wants you to arrive at the competition.

Because we tend to run early, we ask that all dancers be ready to dance at least 1 hour prior to their scheduled time. Anyone in the audience hoping to watch a particular dancer should be there one hour ahead of the dancers schedule time.

Where is the exact location of the competition?

Go to our Events and click on your competition you wish to enter. The street address of the venue as well as a link that will give directions to the venue is located there.

How do I know when my son/daughter is dancing?

The Schedule will be available at least 14 days prior to your competition date.

Do you accept independent entries?


I noticed a mistake in the schedule. What do I do?

Contact us via email at

What happens when The Ultimate Dance Challenge runs ahead of schedule?

Should the event run ahead of its scheduled time, performers should still plan to be ready to perform early.

Do you have different levels of competition?

Yes, we have 2 levels.

Pre Open

For dancers who have never placed 1st at any competition.


For dancers who have placed 1st at any competition.

All ages, including solos, are calculated as of the first date of the competition.

Where do I bring my props when I get to the competition?

When you arrive please check immediately with the Stage Manager located backstage Stage Left for prop placement and to be logged in the Stage Manager’s program.

How do I get a refund for my child?

There are no refunds once on-line registration has been made.

My family wants to come watch the competition. Is it free to watch?

Compulsory Competitors Pass of $25.00 per event  includes unlimited door entry & unlimited spectators entry for all Solo, Duo, Trio & Championships at that given event. Troupe Events will require spectators to pay an admission fee at the door.

Is videotaping/taking photographs allowed at the competition?

No video recording is allowed. No photography is allowed when a specifically licensed photographer is present at the event. Flash photography is never allowed. The use of video recording or unauthorized photography may lead to an entry being “adjudicated only”. We urge all studio owners, teachers, and especially parents to keep our performers photographically safe by reporting suspected photographic violations.

Once I get onsite how do I check in/register if I am a Studio Director/Teacher?

All Studio Directors or representatives must check in at the registration counter located at the entry to the venue. There you will receive your TUDC ID, specific dressing room assignment, and complimentary program and other goodies.

I forgot to order a video? Who do I contact?

Our video department can assist you in ordering a video, simply email

How do I get my Judges Critiques?

Judges Critiques are available directly after your event at the front sign in desk

How do I turn in music?

You can turn your music into the TUDC Services Desk during check-in. The music must be turned in no later than one hour prior to your first entry, or as soon as you arrive at the competition. Preprinted music labels with the entry number, studio name, and name of the dance will be placed on each CD Case when turned in.

At all TUDC Competitions, your music and judging sheets will be available after your last performance at that competition.

Are there dressing rooms?

Dressing rooms will be available at all events. We do ask the performers to get ready in the dressing rooms, and always remind you to be ready at least 1 hour prior to the scheduled time – we have been known to run ahead of schedule!

Dancers Etiquette

We encourage all of our attendees to be courteous and show sportsmanlike conduct at all times. Congratulating other performers as they are coming off stage are appreciated. While backstage we require entrance and exit areas to be kept clear. Please show respect to the performers and audience by remaining quiet backstage.

How can I contact your office?

Mobile: 0411 648 852

PO Box 7203 Norwest Business Centre NSW 2153